Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Most of us can not afford to have a professional decorator design new rooms every time we tire of the decor. Usually, it's not the furniture that we tire of, but what is on and around our carefully chosen furniture. It's usually accent pieces, drapes, or simply the color of the walls that lose their freshness, causing us to get bored with the whole room and have an itch to redecorate. Here is an idea which is simple, inexpensive and makes that room's appeal last much longer. This applies to any room, but has particular usefulness as a bedroom decorating idea.

Our bedrooms are the private rooms in our homes, and we spend quiet times, just waking up and sipping coffee, reading or talking to our spouse. We come to associate relaxing feelings with the bedroom. When we want to relax and enjoy kicking back, we do not want to look around and say, "Oh, I can not stand this bedspread any more!" We want our bedroom to be inviting, not boring. You might think that bedroom decorating ideas come with a premium price tag, requiring a complete makeover to freshen the look. The truth is, bedroom decorating ideas can be as simple as a change of throw pillows and some new lamp shades. A new set of curtains can change the whole mood of the bedroom.

These bedroom decorating ideas require that you start with squinting your eyes and looking around the room. Really! Squint your eyes slightly and cast your gaze around the room. Take different vantage points. Lie on the bed. Stand in the doorway. What is the first thing that catches your critical eye? Is it that old picture you are fond of, but tired of looking at? Your bedspread is pretty, but you have had it for years. In other words, find what weighs your eye down. There may be several things, but chances are, it is not the furniture.

You love that picture, but it's been hanging there so long it's become part of the wall. Relocate the picture to another room where it once again becomes a surprise to your eyes. If your bedspread is the offender, it's time to pack it away for guest bedding and buy a new one. Now imagine. What color or fabric would please you in it's place? Aha! you say. I want a deep blue velvet bedspread, and now that I think of it, some ivory lace curtains would be luxurious.

You are getting the gist of these types of bedroom decorating ideas now. Restrain yourself, as it's easy to get carried away. These bedroom decorating ideas succeed when you aim for simplicity. Maybe a simple coat of paint or stained wooden louvers replacing curtains are all you need. Your beige lampshades might be changed for hand painted art deco ones for an entirely different look in the room in which you love to relax.